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October 2013


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I decided to homeschool because the public school wasn't meeting my son's needs.

I homeschool my 3 children because I feel it is best. I can teach them about God and have them with me and they can learn at their own pace. thank you for the chance

I don't currently homeschool because my kids are only 2.5 and 4. But we plan to either homeschool or if we win a charter school lottery, put our kids in a charter school. I know I don't want them in a public school. My son is 4 and a few months, so this issue is heavy on our minds. I follow your posts on here and on Facebook because it gives me ideas and hope that I, too, could not only be a good Momma to my kids, but a good teacher, too.

My son was a slow reader and Oklahoma's new reading law was making it difficult for him to learn to read. And I don't want him to hate reading for the rest of his because his school is to pushy!

We have a good local school!

Loving these and they have a little brown boy on there. Need to pick some up. Thanks for sharing

There are lots of reasons we homeschool. I love being with my children and seeing them learn, I don't like a lot of the influences they would be exposed to in public school and I believe it is my responsibility to train up my child in the way he should go.

Thank you all so much for commenting and for entering my giveaway. Like Stephen mentioned, I live in an amazing school district, but my son's needs just aren't met in the style and size classrooms here. We both need more flexibility and homeschool provides that among so many other valuable things.

And A, I totally looked twice at these cards because of the brown boy on the cover. :)

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