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May 2012


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I agree 100% with this article! I have seen my share of negativity. But as important as it is we have to remember that profiling is not going anywhere. Ignorance is NOT going anywhere. I to am a Black stay home mom by decision who is also about to start my own business. The lifestyle that my husband and I live is what it is ours. We decided that we wanted a parent home with our children preferably me LOL! And whatever career I have or business I start will be taylored around that. Excuse me if that doesn't sound black unless I am on some type of goverment assistance. I will not apologize for being human. Media has placed the tag that that is more of a white thing but its a human thing, regardless of color. Anybody should be able to do what they feel is best for their family without some type of backlash or stupid comments. BUT, hey we are human dealing with humans. Ignorance is inevitable.

Maybe we should make an Ipad or Android app that spits truth and statistics. And call it Angry Stats. LOL!

Bridget, thanks for commenting. I saw your other comment about being asked how many kids you have. lol That's crazy. The saddest part about that is I bet if you said some huge number, they'd assume you were receiving some kind of aid. smh It is what it is--you're right.

You NAILED it, Kel! I knew when I met you at last year's Mocha Conference that you were great - this just reinforced what I already knew!

Did I mention that you NAILED THIS?

Love your post!!!
I remember watching an episode of Oprah and she interviewed the Little Rock Nine. I remember the raw emotion one of the gentlemen had when talking his experience some 40 years ago. I told my husband somewhere there is this man's equal but opposite. Even though it's 2012 and the Obama's are in the White House, we are not that far removed from the Civil Rights era and Separate but Equal. That message of hate, superiority, elitism, and classism still exists. The people yelling out racial epithets in the documentaries our generation watches have kids, and grandkids - who are now stay at home moms! Racial prejudices are kept "within the circle" and very rarely do we overhear phone conversations or have someone turncoat and "tell" what's been said when we aren't around (hint at my story)

I was watching Anderson Cooper a couple of weeks ago interview 8th graders and asked them would their parents be upset if they dated outside their race...The white kid reluctantly said yes. His parents said, well Blacks and white have cultural differences that would make it hard for the families to get along. Really? I do think the media DOES perpetuate stereotypes but I also think that we are still in the process of "overcoming"

Love your post. This need to be posted again where ever it can be read. I felt that emotion too.

Thanks ladies! I know I'm not alone. I commented on my personal FB page and I have to share it here. One of my friends mentioned how she was made to feel like she didn't belong her while 12 years at home in a white area. I live in a dry white suburb too--moved here for the good public schools and ironically have no plans to use them. We chose private schools because out here, they are more racially diverse. But that's a whole other blog post. lol This is what I said to her:

Living in a very white area, I have developed a thick skin. I have to be a part of the at-home mom culture/activities here, but it's hard to continue to show up at events or story times and keep a smile on my face when I'm invisible.  Usually when I walk into an event, I scan to attempt eye contact just to say hi. It's the polite thing to do. Plus I LOVE small talk with strangers. lol I hate small talk with strangers who think they already know something about me though. I shut down good in those cases. But anyway, when I sit near someone, and it hurts them to say hi back to me that sucks.. And I'm sorry, but I'm not about to break my neck to engage you when you look right through me. Sometimes, one person will engage me and others will join in, but I have even had moms totally ignore Zack, even. It hurts when someone ignores your kid. There are only so many times one can walk into situations like that, open and smiling and not having one person even meet your gaze or acknowledge that a 6'1" very large (and beautiful--just sayin) very black woman just walked in. And when your 3yo comes home and tells you that one of his friends told him he wasn't invited to his birthday party because "my mom says you can't come--Name and Name and Name can come, but she said not Zack" How can you not put a wall up after that? And that kid's mom had never spoken to me. The one time I spoke to her she barely smiled, blinked back a million times and kept it moving. Imma keep being polite and speaking to people, because my child is watching me and learning. But their kids are watching them and learning too. Smh 

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Your generosity in sharing this information means so much. Thanks a million.

I love this article 100%. I am a stay at home mom and can relate on so many levels, so glad some one other than me as a african American mom can see this.

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