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January 2012


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Girl!!!! I was a "witness" to this whole thing, but you can tell a story like nobody else. I'm actually laughing now.

But there is one thing you said at the beginning that I MUST comment on:

"I have also been told that I'm being directly disobedient to God for not hitting my child. My response to that is usually silence and a blank stare...because what's the point of arguing with that."

Blank stares are my weapon of choice on so many occasions, but it never occurred to me use them in this kind of situation. I usually start by saying something like, "How are you so sure what God commands? Do you have some secret that no one else has?" And then they say something about the Bible being the word of God. And then I say something like, "Okay. But tell me this. If God is omniscient and omnipotent, why does he need a bunch of men stretched all over time to write what he wants to communicate? And why would he charge a non-believing emperor to order a bunch of men to sit down and assemble a text to use in the psychological control of the ignorant masses?" And they say something about "mysterious ways". And I say something about that being incredibly convenient for them. As you can tell, it never really gets anywhere.

So I am now adopting the blank stare for this as well. Thank you.

Quel! I choked I was laughing so hard. I have said some of those same things to Zion especially about going to live with someone else. And what's really funny is that Zion had to get snatched this morning! But I don't hit him either. I believe that spanking a kid is a remnant of slavery. That's how Black folks learned to discipline and get someone to be obedient...by getting their asses beat all over plantations. PERIOD. We are not chattel so you're right, words are best. Beatings are forgotten a lot faster than...well, you know what my magic word is to break my kid down. ;)

Girl, the Clair Huxtable rehash is too funny and too true... "'gon just walk out MY door like I didn't just tell you to come in here and eat lunch..."


Glad to know that you DO have a mean voice. HAHA! There are times, especially when it's a safety issue, when Exorcist Girl is very necessary. :-) Interesting story.

@Adriane, yes, the blank stare saves everybody a lot of time and breath. lol

@Terri, girl, I think every mom has a Clair Huxtable moment. I never expected mine to come this early in Zack's life. lol LONG road ahead.

@ Mischia, Yes! When it's a safety issue, Zack will see Exorcist Girl every time. This is serious. Ha!

Dr. Sears wrote a book on Christian parenting where he argues that God does not want us to spank our children. Whatever your own beliefs are, you might find what he says helpful.

Otherwise, you're an awesome parent. You must not yell a lot since he takes it seriously when you do. And your son is able to tell you about his feelings, so he trusts you and he's very self-aware.

Diana! Thank you so much for your comments! It's reassuring to hear that you see that! No, he has never heard me yell the way I did that day--that was very new to him. lol

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