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January 2012


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The fact that he put both arms in his coat with no help is magical. He has to put on his coat, it takes more work to turn it inside out, especially for a 4-year-old. Most likely when he was taking it off he pulled the sleeves all the way through.
I work with young children and did my student teaching at a gifted and talented school in a kindergarten class. These students had a thirst for learning, some were excellent readers, some brilliant mathematicians, but not one of them could put their jackets on by themselves, let alone turn it inside out. You have nothing to worry about.

Thanks, D! Your comments and those I received on Facebook have done me a world of good. I'm working so hard, heck I quit my job so I won't have the kid with the issues at school. I tend to take every criticism personally, because raising him, is what I do. lol Thanks so much for your feedback.

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