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January 2012


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Fabulous. The school year has been a study in battling people's fear of fighting injustice and recognizing another thing that has changed. We don't have to worry about being lynched if we do speak up--not in the literal physical sense anyway--so we should speak up with a little more regularity. I mean really, what of real value is at stake if people stand up for justice today compared to 40 years ago?

You said it well. Great post. Thanks for sharing your views. I realize we aren't there yet and I am sorry we aren't, but I'm trying to raise my children so maybe they can get there. It is a good dream worth yearning, striving, fighting, and reaching for so that it won't be just a dream anymore. And, I mean that everyone, regardless of the color of our skin, should work to bring it to reality. It would benefit us all.

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