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January 2012


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Number 3 is my ALL TIME FAVE! I laughed so hard just now...again...for like the 10th time. Laughing out loud in my house by myself. I LOVE that story. Whenever I tell people I think you're the black female David Sedaris, this is the story I relate. But I just can't tell it the way you do. HYSTERICAL!

Great post Quel. Loved the flashbacks.

PS Very disturbed by the youtube link. People just lack dignity these days. Is he for real?

Thank you SO much! I'm so happy you enjoy my writing as much as you do. :) And that Youtube link is hilarious, indeed. But ole boy got moves! I can't even front. lol

Hi There!!! I discovered your blog through a literary sight last year and have been keeping up since. I must let you know that I 'LOVE,LOVE,LOVE'(!) the both of you ladies! You make me feel so very proud! Listening to the level of your intelligence and your sense of humour-always lets me know that we really do have sista's on the ball!!! I absoultely enjoy reading both blogs and listening to the commentary that you both give about different shows, and I feel that you both should be paid 'TOP DOLLAR' for doing what you do! I'm going to continue to keep up with the two of you because what you both have to say is so relevant!! PS. your son is so adorable!!! and I love the natural hairstyles you both are sporting!!!

Beauty regimen? I just get lots of sleep, drink pently of water and only wash my face with water.Thats about it!I have bought creams in the past but apparently you have to put them on your face, I can never remember and honestly everyone tells me how good my skin is. I think that the ad agencies tell us all the stuff is essential but honestly your skin needs to breath and the best think you can do for it is look after yourself and your whole body, including your skin, will look after you.

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