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September 2011


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Hey Raquel,

I'm a blogger (amongst other things) who just moved to Austin about 9 days ago. I googled "austin bloggers" to try to find a network to connect with and happily came across yours :). I'm so jealous that you got to hit up ACL (and for free!). I was so busy setting up here that I just couldn't.

Anyway, I'll be reading. Nice to "meet" you!

I'm so mad I wasn't even mention! But it was a blast hanging out with you on your first ACL ever. We are no longer ACL virgins!

mentioned. :)

@Mel! It was nice connecting with you in e-land. I hope you're still enjoying Austin. Thanks for checking in here from time to time, of course, I'll be doing the same.

@Raissa-That just means that we have to do something else super fun and awesome together. I definitely won't forget to shout you out next time. lol Oh, and in your comment, I just thought your Caribbean roots were showing up! FOr real. lol

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You are so lucky! I love going to live music venues, and you got free tickets.

I love it. I hope I can get guitar tabs of all the bands' music!

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Hi Tim,Welcome to Austin! ACL was great the weather cetaerpood fully this year. Thanks for your comment and for letting me know about keepstream.com I had not heard about you guys but I look forward to checking the website out. Social media curation has many interesting possibilities.I am always looking for better ways to tell stories and I like to support local businesses whenever possible. I saw that Robert Scoble uses keepstream. I enjoy his blog. Thanks again for your comment. I'll see you on Twitter.All the best,Eric

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