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June 2010


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summed up perfectly!

oh my god this is hilarious! i was truly wondering what could they do in a sequel -- but mostly i was worried about sexy and old. i dug sexy and 30, sexy and 40, but i was worried about sexy and over the hill. anyway, i didn't make it this weekend and now i am not sorry i missed it. i haven't heard one person say anything (whether they liked it or not) other than "costumes" and "what-the-eff"

I concur with Chai. Your review is so on point.

Great review. I had to work two local premieres and pre-screening events for SATC2 so I didn't even have a chance to get excited for the movie...I found it entertaining in the strictest sense of the word. I did not cry (I cried during the 1st one), I laughed uncomfortably during the outlandish gay jokes, and I was in awe of the fashions. Let's just say I was happy that I didn't spend money to see the movie and was able to see it on someone else's dime.

Jameka, you're very lucky. A friend of mine was just saying how she would have spent money twice to see SATC1, but this newest installment is so unworthy. And I agree.

Nikia and Chai, thanks for the co-sign!

Wounded Healer, yea, I think we've seen Samantha doing it way too much. This movie could have done without that. It was boring, and old--in every since of the word. lol

I LOVE IT!!! These are the best SATC photos I have seen so far....NOW I'm etxecid!!!!The SATC girls are in London right now for the London premiere - which may be tonight I think. I SO want to go and stalk them!! And I so want to get stuck in an elevator with Big....but that's a whole other story LOL!!!Have just done a link on my blog to this post :)Have a great day!! xo

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