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December 2009


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You forget that engaging in certain adult activities can get you impeached (see former President Bill Clinton and Governor Mark Sanford).

Yeah, I understand the consequences of elected officials getting caught, I'm just annoyed with the public "shock" when these things happen as if these people are above engaging in certain adult activities.

"Don't be surprised when they're caught getting sex somewhere other than at home. They're human!"

While I agree that the controversy and media coverage of the Tiger Woods scandal is ridiculous and unnecessary, it's also ridiculous to excuse such behavior so nonchalantly. And while it's none of my business - I admit to wondering why I'm even posting this at all - it's still strange to me that you think someone should not be judged, morally, based on deceitful, corrupt actions stemming from power & opportunity benefits. Even though he may have access to all that power, opportunity, and ego, doesn't mean he should act upon them in such a way just because he's "human".

I'm not excusing what anybody did. I think we need to get over ourselves when it comes to judging anybody is all I'm saying. We're so quick to clutch our pearls and say, "Well, I never", when of course you have. But you're not famous or nobody knows about it. Not sex per se, but anything deemed morally questionable. It's just so easy for us to point and say "shame" when nobody is pointing at us is all I'm saying. Sucks to be famous and caught.

Why did I bust out laughing at the clutching pearls remark? hilarious and true!
I was asked today if I was "keeping up with the Tiger Woods" debauchery. I said no I don't care and don't want to care. America gets on my nerves thinking an athlete or any celebrity owes them an explanation for what they do. You all put him on a pedestal, so when he reveals a flaw, don't get all judgmental and preachy. He never asked to be exalted by the public. And furthermore, who are we to him. The general public doesn't write that man one check for an endorsement or a tournament. We are not nor do we take care of his wife and child. They are the only people to whom he owes an explanation and apology.

Easy explanation why Tiger Woods had an affair (or two, or 3, or 4...)

New meaning to the 18th hole.

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