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December 2009


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By adding more fruit, you should solve the problem. The key for most is hiding the flavor of the greens which is pretty easy with bananas and mango - not necessarily together, but you can if you want (both are nice and sweet and add a creaminess to smoothies).

I made one today with water, organic pineapple, and organic sunflower sprouts. I like the green flavor, so it was super delish! But, if you're just starting out, using mild greens like romaine lettuce, spinach, etc can be nice. :)


I agree, hide the taste of your greens with some nice fruit and berries..... after all, they're just as healthy as the greens you're taking in.

my favorite ingredients (for taste and health benefits are)
berries (mainly blueberries and boysenberries
nuts (grate in some brazil nuts or almonds.... tastes awesome!

I also did a smoothie diet a few years back. I just wanted to feel healthy and give my body a good cleanout, but I also lost 5kg (11 pounds I think) over 5 days.... but most importantly I felt awesome!

Good luck!

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