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September 2009


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How about a REAL flashback video from the early VH1 days?! Let's pull out some Rick Astley or Duran Duran.


I just got my package. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!


Have a great long holiday weekend : ) I love that video...oh the memories

Not that I'm hating on a successful Black women but I can't stand Bey most of the time.

If you ask me I'll deny it but I do enjoy the times when I'm changing channels and catch one of her recent vids.

I'll put the damn TV on mute so I can't hear her annoying voice, then I sit back and basically enjoy the long legs in stilettos, ass shakin' show that is called a Bey vid that the good lawd has blessed my eyes to see.

Then I change the channel a swear that I can't stand her.

Life is tough...Men are simple, I have no hope!

I like the new look you have going on. It is really nice. :)

Nothig to say about Beyonce, she just doesn't quite do it for me at all. Too many flaaat notes maybe....

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