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August 2009


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lmao! only you can get into these little mishaps. grabbing your ob's crotch, flashing policemen,...

i just wanna know what billy said about you showing officer mccutie your goods.

Browngirl, you know Billy just shakes his head at me. I'm Lucy to his Ricardo over here. lol

Ha Ha! Funny stuff Quel! I ran out of my dorm room once cause I thought a plane was coming through my window. I was half sleep.

Wow. You sound like me. Great post and now I'm following, even better!

you sound like you're in that stay-at-home mom mode i remember. that's the only time in my life when i lost consciousness and shame of what i was wearing. nowadays, i can't imagine #1 -- not realizing that you're in your draws!! but back then, um yeah. just in your own lil world.

I don't know about that. Love

OMG, I love you so much. I have tears streaming down my face...I almost flashed my female neighbor last week!! You crack me up!

This was so Hilarious! I guess you both got some eye candy for the day:-)


I have always enjoyed getting a reaction to showing my panties.
Last year I was expecting a delivery and was alone in the house. I had genuinely just got out of the shower when a big guy rang my bell! I went down in a towell and when I took the parcel to sign for it I let my towell drop and showed him the lot! I was so wet and had to go and lay on my bed for a while!

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