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May 2009


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I think I reviewed this same book back in the day. Or maybe it was Puppy Please. Both are great! And Zee also loved the last page.

I love book reviews, this looks like a good one! "Reat, reat", too adorable.

We have and love this book. Even though my kids are 6 now we still like to read it/look at it because the pictures are so wonderful. We also have Please Puppy Please. Also very cute.

yes i too love this book!

co-sign WM. Aren't the pictures phenomenal?

My 7 year-old looooved this book when he was around 2. The pics just jump out at you.

I actually got this one 2 years ago, cute book

aww so cute. I'd love to see him reach that shelf saying peas peas peas

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