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May 2009


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Be encouraged as a SAHM because I hated daycare and when my mom was finally able to be with me at home most of the time I really valued that time. My grades were better, I had drive and focus, and I didn't have one regret losing her at 13 because we were able to have a great relationship - nothing was left unfinished. My siblings and I feel like we almost had different mothers - and I definitely had the best of her. But in remembering balance, I also recall my mother hitting a very bad depression that I had to watch her go through. That was horrible. So, you are doing great with him and if you remember balance (to take care of yourself as well) you both will have a wealth of memories that are positive and strengthen your relationship and make him a better person because you loved him and were able to show him how special he is to you. I applaud you and implore you to continue forward with balance.

@wounded healer- Thank you so much for sharing your story here. And for your encouraging words--always needed and appreciated. :)

You do do a lot with Zack... and that's great. As long as you both are enjoying it, it works!! As WH noted above, it's all about balance. I wish I could've gotten out of the house more when I stayed home with Zee. :( But we did what we could. Y'all be on the move, girl. :)

As for "If I stayed inside with him all the time, his life wouldn't be much more different from than if he were in daycare, I think," ummmm.

I think it would. Having other kids around makes it different, regardless.

As for whether it'd be better or worse than staying in the house all day? Depends on the daycare. With quality, comes a more varied experience for the child. For me, Zee's daycare as a toddler gave him WAY more than I could, quite honestly. And I still could supplement his learning with museum visits and other experiences on the weekend.

Let me know if you want to see StarTrek together!! haha, I want to see it but I don't think my husband does. haha. I keep forgetting we're so close! I love reading about your SAHM experience, I hope I get to meet your cutie someday!

@Summer-I feel you. When Zack's about two, I'm thinking about enrolling him somewhere awesome part-time.

@Future Mama-Um, hellsyeah!

Oh dear, going from Photoshop artist to couemtpr operator' on one blow. Now I understand why Photoshop User TV is building a new studio: They are preparing for the angry Say NO! to Post Production' mobs roaming the streets and killing people who do not understanding the greek words photo and graphy the right way. To days guest blogger is not the only photographer claiming contemporary tools are against the mighty gods of photography. Magazines here in Europe are filled with letters to editors from people frowning on the use of digital techniques. Why don't they just do what they want to do and let us humble pagans do things the way we like it. Do they need to cover their laking skills for learning new things or ability expand their creativity by claiming to know the Truth with a big T? Or what is this evangelism supposed to gain?And why do I care? No one can stop me from cutting, pasting, cloning, curving, HDR-ing to the max if I find it to help me express my art anyway. I love all aspects of photography. From planning the shoot over hunting, shooting, organizing, and photoshopping to nailing it on the wall, submitting to the web or producing of a show or a book. Ole K.

Hi Scott,I ordered thru Amazon the 2nd vmluoe of your digital photography series. They asked me to do a review of it, so I did. It should be in the review section of Amazon.com. I look forward to also buying the 3rd vmluoe. I take mostly pics at rock concerts (just saw for the 3rd time last Friday Deep Purple). It's a sort of spefic kind of photography as we're right under the stage and the lighting at these concerts changes really fast, throwing quite often out of whack a camera's sensor (I have the new Nikon D300s and the D90). Was wondering what kind of tips you could give me for this type of photography.Ciao from Italy,Mario Rimati

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