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May 2009


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When someone looks like you "racially" then you can imagine them as your son, daughter, niece or nephew. When you have an interaction with someone who is ethnically, culturally and racially different from yourself and mostly your only interaction with them is via tv then you are able to keep them at a distance and can tell yourself things like, "These people are animals. I better get 'em before they get me." An old sad story in No. American history. Two words though make me smile, Barrack Obama.....:)Sorry this is so long yikes...

i instantly thought of that study that you had to do for one of your jobs a while back. you have a broader view of this than most, so you are really attuned to the disproportion. statistics like these make me sad.

Oh man, we should SO interview you about this!! We'll chat soon!

@Adiaha- Yeah. A few years back, the police tried to address the problem saying that those areas were often policed by less experienced officers who had little/no life experience around minorities--so they may have had pre-existing fears about violence against cops in those areas. They suggested returning cops to "Waking the beat" to get to know the people in the neighborhoods they worked in and sensitivity training or something. Not sure how that worked out.

@Summer- That's why when things like this go down, I'm so grossed out and annoyed.

@Jenn- No ma'am. I won't be going on an.ty.body's news talking about an.ty info I came up on while at that job. It's all public info though, if anybody wants to go digging. Long story short, in Austin, violent assaults on public servants by whites and minorities occur proportionately to their representation in the population. So police don't have any reason (based on logic or experience) to be pulling guns on minorities as often as they do. Something is not right.

De-lurking to say that I agree with you 100%. Young people of color are obviously not the only folks in Texas that appear to reach for guns when dealing with a surprise confrontation by cops. The whole thing went down within walking distance of my house and my roommate could hear people in the neighborhood yelling at the police at the scene after it happened! Shooting people in neighborhoods does NOTHING to keep the peace.

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