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April 2009


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save them for meeeee!!!

Done. :)

I want in too! Don't let anything happen to them until after I leave in August. Please!!!

My mom got me this collection, though I haven't read it. Looks interesting, now you've intrigued me.

Idris Elba (mmmmmmm):)

How have you not read these yet? They're just lovely. He's got some other series that are nice, but NOLDA is really the best, I think. I can't believe I never recommended them to you. I think my favorite of the early ones is the Kalahari Typing School for Men. The books paint a beautiful picture of Botswana and its people, and Mma Ramotswe is just a really cool character.

Bush tea can be found at Wheatsville, BTW. But my mom found some at just the grocery store at home, too, so I think you'll be able to come upon a boxful pretty easily!


I think it may be cancelled. It was just announced the Jill is going on tour and is the voice of a character in an animated series coming to BET. Nothing was mentioned about the show. I love that show. I sure hope not.

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