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December 2008


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1. never saw an episode. glad i didn't get attached. sorry for you, though. i know you liked it.
2. aww, poor baby zack. mommy's love is the best medicine for a cold!
3. that sucks. hopefully, that one lady is the exception to the rule, and all the rest of the neighborhood moms are normal.
4. my hair is clean, but it is not currently awesome. :( but when i was in brooklyn, it was on point!!
5. that sounds kinda nursery rhymish.

*sad because I didn't get any berry cobbler*

1. You got me hooked and now I'm in mourning. How could they do that? I always expect shows I like to be cancelled though. My standards are simply too high.
2. Now I'm sick too. And I just refuse to take cold medicine.
3. You do live in Texas Raquel. And very much in the suburbs. Were you remotely surprised by the "unfriendly lady"? Everyone could have called that one. Start now and lower your expectations of your neighbors. That way you leave room to be pleasantly surprised.
4. I am banking on you doing my hair when I (if I) get to Austin.
5. Oh whatever shall I do?

(Thanks for this response device Summer. It really does make commenting easier.)

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