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August 2008


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you know what, quel, i was thinking about this since this morning. i don't think that it's for the "first time" that some black guys will think anything is possible. even if you don't count the black men who've run for president in the past, obama obviously at some point believed he could, even though there was no precedent.

i think some people (myself included) actually believe anything is possible -- not necessarily that everything will fall in place, but that it is possible -- even now, even before. like, even pre-obama, i never thought to myself, "well zee can be anything ... except President." I'm more like, "hey, go for it. first time for everything."

i understand that obama's success makes things more real and tangible, but i think some people have always been dreaming with no limits.

Yes. And now for those who needed to see it to believe it (myself included)there is this precedent of such a great acheivement by a black person in America. For the first time a whole generation will have this example, and maybe they'll have more hope than they would have had without it.

For the first time a whole generation will have this example, and maybe they'll have more hope than they would have had without it.

for sure. hard to ignore what's right in front of your eyes!

That's a nice sentiment Quel. There have been and are now far more Black boys and men who see their possibilities as limited than those who know otherwise. So, I agree that he will influence many to aim higher because there is no limit...

See, that's all I am saying!!! We have allowed society for years to tell us (especially our manchildren) that we weren't good enough and pretty much good for nothing. It's been a long time coming, BUT a change is gonna come.

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