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December 2007


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I feel the same way about #3 except Nia Long is also one of the BFF's. And..regarding number 1, I eat every single thing on my plate before taking one sip of my beverage...kinda weird too.

that was great! yeah, nia and sanaa are my fantasy bff. #6 made me laugh. you know how i talk to kids? like their adults and they think it's hilarious...

I feel you on #2. I remember not being able to tell my dad I was pregnant - and he officiated the wedding ceremony! I told my momma to tell him - cause I didn't want him to think I was "doing it"

@Lisa- mmm hmmm (Mouth twisted to the side) Yeah right.

@Quel... I always feel like you and Gabrielle Union are friends

right with you on #s 3 & 4.

#6 is so true and so hilarious. i never knew the extent of it until i saw you with z when he was a baby. oh lawd! lol! i can't wait to see you w/your own. *teehee* "so-o-o, little baby, uhm, how are you?"

I have to eat my fries first too!

I am so with you on #2. I was almost 4 months pregnant before I told my parents. Really, my husband shouted it out when I was on the phone with my mom one day. Left up to me, I'd of probably just showed up at home that Christmas with baby in tow!

I'm definitely with you on #7. I'm sorry, but my pockets are not deep enough for me to shop locally - and more expensively - for every day items.

Gurl you ain't gotta try to impress kids, they don't care lol!!! They just want you to be real with them. Aw shucks you'll learn little baby boy is on his way shortly. I loves me some Walmart, refuse to stop shopping there, the prices are just toooo amazing to stop. They haven't killted (LOL) anybody have they?

Quel I agree with you regarding #6. I keep wondering what am I going to talk about when I have my kids.
But #2 whatever...Tre would look at me crazy and I would do the same to him.. But I can admit the first time was kind of weird...

Cheronda, you'll be like "What next?" LOL... I couldn't resist

Hey there Homegirl. I tagged you over at my blog. A little spiritual food for thought. If you have a minute hopefully you can respond. Okay! Have a good day.

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