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November 2007


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Quel you look sooo cute. I'm really excited about my lil' cousin!

good lord, quel! LOL.

Your face looks so healthy and THIN! Go head, then!

WOW, you look great Quel!! Everyone up here says hi!! Vanessa needs a playtime buddie!!!


Thanks y'all. Summer, you are so funny. It's all about the angles, baby. All about the angles. :) Seriously, I'm just taking better care of myself now than I was during my first trimester. Still gaining weight, am healthier in general.

you look SO happy.

You look good and pretty.

i thought your mom was gonna say, "ooh quel, all that bosom". ;)

you do look fabulous...

You look great! Congrats again.

I agree with what everyone says...you look great! But I also agree with you...your boobs are HUGE!!! :) Billy must be beating the dudes back with a stick 'cuz you look so sexy! It could also be the Saturday night dancing outfit you're wearing...

Look at your adorable baby belly! And what a sexy top. Enjoy the dates now...

OMG!!! You definitely are boobs and belly. You look so nice!!!

Aww Quel you look so adorable and so happy!! I know Billy is so lovin' this lol!!

You look great:) Where do y'all go dancing?

Thanks, y'all! Keep the compliments coming! The bigger I get, the more I'll need them. :)

Jennifer, we went to this great place called Copa downtown. It's salsa most of the time, but they have a dancehall reggae party the first Saturday of every month, which is what we went to. I wrote a bit about it on my latest HoneyMag blog entry. It's a really sophisticated spot...good mix of grown-ups. Red Fez is a good dance spot too.

excellent. hope all goes well for the remainder of the pregnancy

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