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November 2007


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OMG! He looks like you, Quel!! No, really - I could tell from Amber's ultrasound that she looked like Gerald, and . . .


He is sooo handsome, already! I love him! Adorable!

He is so cute!!!!

Hi Z! We love you already!! He's got your cheeks 'Quel! My mama said he's gone look like Great-grandma. She said you did when you were born.

hey you sweet silly little baby, are you smiling? huh, huh? are you smiling? so sweet! mwah!

oh gosh
he is so precious
I'm honestly tearing up right now
your baby is so beautiful
god bless you three

Yay baby-boy Homegirl! Those really are great ultrasound pics . . . my kid looked like an alien on hers. Congrats again - and you look good girl.


I look at his pictures a million times a day. I just stare at him...his little cheeks and his smile! I'm so in love with this kid.

This is my grandson! I see him in his mother's womb. He is fearfully and wonderfully made. How awesome is God? He looks just like you Quel, but that might change when he is older. How great?!


What a miracle!

Beautiful! Gorgeous! Already even! Congratulations to you!

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