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November 2007


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Pineapples with dairy are my official pregnancy craving.

Yayee!! I've been frustrated that you don't have a craving. Why? I don't know. But I think pregnancy cravings are just darned fun. Good for you. And the fact that it's kinda kooky (for my tastes anyways) make it all the more a winner!

I love daughtry too! I was always rooting for chris back in the AI days, eventhough he didn't make it....look at him now.

Happy thanksgiving!!! I wish I could be there, too. Kiss Adriane 4 me.

and i miss you too, buuuuut...

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Pack your bags! You comin' to Austin tonight!" lmao!! i'm totally gonna do that to my mom one day.

Happy belated Thanksgiving Quel!!

aaannnd, you been tagged, check my blog to see what's up...

happy belated thanksgiving

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