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October 2007


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To You! Because you are a beautiful, brilliant, and talented young woman who is poised to share it with the world and because of that lovely little boy on the way.

Very cool post....

lmao @ God and Taye's 'rents. too funny.

I ditto that Adriane (congrats on the 5K)! Quel you are one of the greatest people I know! I love you, 'cuz!

Aw kinfolks! Y'all gettin' me all emotional and stuff!

Quel, you are so kind to acknowledge Britney Spears with encouragement instead of slander. We are so quick to point out her short comings. She needs someone to help her, to come to her rescue instead of running her deeper into the ground. Her family is important and others celeberties that have gone through that and have their children back should help her.

You're a funny, funny lady. Shouting out to God and Taye's parents - love it!

You know I "heart" you right? And back at you (if you dont' mind, I would like to officially hi-jack this number). *Waving at the baby in utero*


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