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October 2007


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Mocha Moms is a God-send. It is so important to be around other Moms - a plus of they look like you and share your same views. It is especially important to SAHMs because it is exciting at first but going from working to being home all the time can take it's toll. You need adult conversation and Mocha Moms is the perfect way to get that. Make sure you look into Mommmy-and-me playgroups too :)

Yep. Mocha Moms rawks. The members are both working and SAHMs, which is cool, since I'm not 100% yet sure about how long I'll take off and what the work/home balance will be like when I do return to work. There's a subgroup called MMOBs(Moch Moms of Boys)who get together for playdates...should be fun. I have plenty of neighbors who have been waiting for us to have kids, so mine will have plenty of playmates right at home too.

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