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August 2007


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Hum...I might have to pick that book up. But first, I have to read the other 30 or so waiting for me to crack open. *sigh*

The Untelling was such a beautifully written book. Like you said, it made me do a lot of self-reflection. I loved Leaving Atlanta as well. But as a woman in her 20s, The Untelling truly spoke to me.

Sold! I'm off to buy the book for an upcoming trip. I think I've like every book I've read that you recommended and interestingly enough I haven't finished "white teeth" either and I've had it for a while. I think it may be the story that just never ends. It just goes on and on.

Hmmm. I guess I feel like you said a lot but didn't say it. Whatever it was. And I get that you said you didn't want to reveal your soul so that is respected.
And I get what you mean about getting your lesson in your own way. I walked out of Monster's Ball thinking WOW about the redemption message and everyone around was mad as hell about the sex scene.

Dear Quel,
Thank you so much for this! I am working on my third book.. struggling, really. Thank you, thank you, for this really warm post.

Baby Sistah I was moved when we spoke about this over the phone. But I have to tell you every time you take the time to be reflective like this it convinces me even more that you have a great piece of writing--at least one if not a dozen--in you. I am very much looking forward to it. And I'm ordering the book. I think there may be something there for me too.

Thanks Sis! You're awesome.

The Untelling was truely an absolutely wonderful, beautiful book... I think what is so captivating about it is that it is extremely personal... I can see how each person who reads it would be touched in their own way.
I actually bought it becuz I saw ur recommend and then I could not put it down. At the end of it I had the urge to start over and go through again because I was so touched and I could relate on so many levels.
After this read, self-reflection and self-examination is the natural response

U know i'm going to be checking in on ur book recommends from now on chile :)

well, i havent read any of the other books that ya'll spoke about, but i just finished The Darkest Child, and i loved it. it was a difficult read--with the abuse and all, but i really and truly enjoyed it. i found myself wanting the book not to end because i wanted to make sure all the characters got their lives together and were doing well. i was sad when it ended.

I never wrote back to tell you that I bought the book. I was floored. I couldn't put it down. I passed it along to someone else. Thanks so much for recommending this one. The next book on my list is something else you've recommended. Looking forward to that too. This summer of course--or maybe in Mexico next month. Yep. On the beach.

I write short stories and am wikrong on a novel. I plan to be one of the Black novelists who make it and I always will owe a debt to the many Black novelists who came before me those whose works did not make it onto the required-reading lists from grammar school to college. Reading Alice Walker's The Color Purple in college in 1984 gave me my first important epiphany as well as a well deserved A on my term paper.

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