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August 2007


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The sandwich looks good but Ima need that egg to be cooked more :)
Enjoy it!

That looks delicious, except I'll use turkey or beef bacon. Even though I don't like my eggs runny, it looks good!

I'm with y'all on that runny egg stuff. I don't think cooking it all the way will ruin the experience at all.

LOL No, It's better runny..

I saw that. I don't remember a sandwich. I'll have to check on that. I'm like Joey from Friends when it comes to Sandwiches. Huge fan.

Girl I have this movie and I gotta go get it out and check out this sammich. Those wine glasses look like juice glasses we used to have lol!!!

The runny egg MAKES the sandwich. Even the chef makes this point in the "how to" clip on the DVD. I'm so glad you like this sandwich. While I was watching the movie, I was thinking about that sandwich from the minute it showed up until I discovered the "how to" clip. A dream come true! AND I can't believe you have those glasses. I've been waiting until I get more space to buy the Riedel version. I don't like you.

@Adriane- Whatever. You love me. :) And while the Crate & Barrel knock-offs were like $2 each, knowing you, the Riedel ones are probably more like $30 a pop.

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