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April 2006


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Hehee, you made me laugh in your latest comment to me... And for the record, I'm not freaked out! I explicitly talk about Death Cab just so that people can fall as obsessively in love with them as I have! Oh, and as for the Adam Brody/Seth love... I am right there with you girl!!!

oh the seth is quite the hottie...

Hello there...
I've been a long time reader.. but I'm dropping in with a comment now =]

Anna is coming back?! I loved Anna!! She was so spunky, and I watched to see what outfit she'd wear.

I love Tobiah Tayo! Sophie & Sean previewThe same goes for Steve Geradrard. Beauadtiadful… Lisa & Jason – A Wedadding at Wethele ManorMy Wedadding in Provence — Part 1 (but you have to read alla03!)Love My Dress’s vinadtage

Hi Steve, thanks so much for the bauiteful photos! Love them, looking at them always reminds us of our bauiteful day (even on dark wet nights like these)! Thanks again Lisa & Jason xx

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