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April 2006


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so hating that i missed terri's nuptials. sounds like a great time.

that's the kind of trip home i was wishing for -- where you don't want to leave. that's a nice feeling.

fish and spaghetti? hmmm...

@Summer, you were missed. Trust me.

@GC-Yep. Fried whiting or catfish and spaghetti. I'm thinking that's a Southern thing.

huh? does fish and spaghetti need an explanation? seriously! shooo, makes my mouth water thinking about it!

Going home is so much fun. Although, I'm ready to leave after 2-3 days of everyone getting on my nerves - but, as soon as I'm driving away (I live 4-5 hours from home) I miss everyone and feel homesick!

I actually might need more clarification on that. There's no pasta involved is there? Just pasta--like macaroni or linguinie boiled with salt and a little oil? And fried fish? Now I'm really confused.

I meant there's no pasta sauce involved

GC-Girl, I never thought I'd have to explain like this. In the South, "spaghetti"=spaghetti and meat sauce. Add some fried whiting or catfish and it's on. This isn't an everyday kind of meal...for special occassions usually.

lauhgiing hy.ster.icall.y!

Okay, I'm lost on the spaghetti-with-fried-fish thing. It. just. seems. wrong. I'm hoping this is all served separately, and not all piled up in one mash on the plate. But I'm still not quite understanding that particular combination of cuisines. Kinda like those Long John Silvers/Pizza Hut all-in-one-building restaurants. I can't imagine. Will take your word that it's fantastic, though. I guess.

i was wondering if people were gonna think it was all mixed up together. No! That would be gross! Spaghetti and meat sauce, served alongside fried fish. Kind of like two separate entrees.

I'm kinda picky; so I use bread as a barrier between the two because I don't want sauce on my fish. But that's just me.

I love going home too but do miss the feel of home when I get back to D.C

I love, love the Kite Runner. Off to look at your book list again.

I was so glad to see you... Congratulations again, Terri!!! That picture of A.C. and Renee is funny! Love ya...

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