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April 2006


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Hmmm, I don't think I really care. However, if I am aware when 1:23 (am or pm) arrives on the 5th, I will probably make note of it thanks to you...and probably mention it to a friend:)

there are so many things I've missed, especially comets--I've missed a lot of comets. I'll try to notice 1:23.

you would notice this and that is so funny...

Not sure what I will be doing at that time but at least i am glad I won't be there when u are busting a fart!!!!! ha ha ha ha LOL. Billy stay strong!!! ha ha ha ha. peace.

um, okay.....

Interesting observation. Because I'm always down for doing something significant, I'll check back in and let you know what I did.

imma need you not to share so much, ooomkay? LOL

I'm sure I won't do anything significant. But it's a nice bit of trivia to know. Enjoy your cabbage-patching.

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