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April 2006


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aww, that's too bad. They should not be running you out of the Subways because of their weird behavior. That's really too bad.

It's too funny too...lol

LOL... I sooooo can't believe that! That's crazy!

Okay did he like truly expect you to give him a ride? A stranger who made a sandwich once?

LOL - you can't eat at subway without being harassed. That's just crazy. I'd probably go anyway. I love those subs.

Subway is like crack, man. Watch, we're going to find out they put sugar in the mayo or something.

Been there- Last October the lady at Einstein's was so rude to me (she couldn't hear my order when her back was turned to me as she was slicing the bagels- so she looked at me like I was an idiot- arms outstretched as if to say "DUH!?!?") I was shaking by the end of the experience. I swore I'd never go back- but I did a few months later and haven't seen her since, thankfully.

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