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April 2006


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First of all decide what you want to do career wise...then take the steps you feel necessary to make it happen. If you will find more growth hanging out for another year or so take the promotion, but if you trying head a different direction apply for jobs accordingly. In my opinion it was a shady move for the company to pop an after-the-fact promotion on you. Though remember as long as there isn't a contract you aren't tied to anything...take the promotion and look for a job on the side. Just keep it on the low. The decision is about you and your family!

Well are you going to have to sign a new contract if you take the promotion? How long have you been there? You can take the promotion and then quit if you get something better (as a matter of fact, you can use your new job offer as a bargaining tool to force your company to raise your salary even more or use your promotion/raise to tell the new company to make you an offer you can't refuse). If there's a promotion, chances are the spot's been vacant--did they not interview people? If you move up from your spot, that spot will be vacant whether you stay or leave. You will not leave them in the lurch. Besides, they would fire you with the quickness if you ever did something they don't like. Do it up like the French my friend. This is war.

Happy Birthday, Cheronda!!!!

Way to remind me, Paula. I can't believe I forgot Cheronda's birthday.

Hard decision! I chose this post as one of my favorites of the week for Austinist: http://www.austinist.com/archives/2006/04/21/best_of_the_austin_blogs_week_of_april_17.php

Ok im not too sure that its a great money making optitrunopy and after 4 weeks i pulled out, so for me at least im not a fan!!But i do agree that if you join for free you can make some good friends.The upgrade is far to much money for the small return.So yes join for free and enjoy the site, but its not worth upgrading.

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