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January 2006


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Hmm- i think I may just pick up my copy and check it out.

weird? how? I'm curious. Did bad things happen to him? Was he humiliated a lot?

@Jennifer-I'm pretty sure you'll love this book.

@GC-I don't want to name things because it might give it away to folks who might decide to read it. The shock factor of a lot of what happens to this kid and the way the author drops it on the reader...like 'bows...is a big part of why the book is so good. And yes, he was humiliated a lot.

He has a second one out called Dry, about his adult life as an alcoholic. I read them in reverse order, so I had a little perspective while reading Running With Scissors because I know that no matter how weird things get, he has to end up as an ad exec in New York before the next book, but still...what a fucked up childhood. Not a sane adult in sight.

I think the second book is the best of the two, although I enjoyed both of them, for different reasons.

@Ray-I wish I had never found out this was a true story. Knowing it's a real person makes it a little hard...I cried during one whole chapter. I feel like I have to read Dry now...I MUST find out HOW he's still okay.

Dry will make you cry too, especially if you know anybody that's had trouble with addiction. But definitely get it.

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