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December 2005


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I think I failed to post my comment. I was saying I've been avoiding that book because I've been judging it by its cover. But now that you've reviewed it so positively, I just might give it a chance. I think I was also skeptical because of the author's name--I mean how would he know what a geisha's life is/was like?

Anyway--hope you are able to see the movie.

G.C.-I think that's what kept it on my list so many years...the subject and the author. Before reading this book, I thought geisha were prostitutes. And with memoirs written by a male author, I expected it to be kind of campy or a bit sleazy. I was so off.

You're six feet tall?!! Have you considered modeling?
Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and the reccomendation.

G.C.-Yes. Actually, I modeled some locally as a teenager in Memphis. I gave it one last try visiting agencies in NYC when I was 19 with no luck. They told me my look was more for the Chicago or ATL market. Translation: I looked too much like a normal Black girl. It was fun hoping and dreaming and trying though.

I read this book in English Lit, it was a good book, but I don't know about all this geisha inspired makeup and fragrances. We were studying Asian cultures and the history of feet binding along with other traditions and the stories really got to me. Then when I read this book on the geisha lifestyle in Japan-the whole women as property or object things got to me as well. Don't get me wrong it was a good story and good book, and I will definitely see the movie becuase of the beautiful details. My professor just showed a lot of documentaries, which made me kind of sad on the topic. BTW what do you think about starting a virtual book club? I like chit chat about books, but I have no one to chit chat with me. It could be fun!!!!

I hate to admit, as an african american male, I've been considering reading this. I usually read books by african american males, but over the past year, I've devoted my reading to YA books written by male and female and many races. I'm writing a YA book myself, so I'm looking at reading great quality books for inspiration and style.

Schanina- I really enjoy writing reviews of the books I read on this blog, but there are some cool book clubish blogs out there already (See Book Blogs at top right). My sister just started a book club in DC called Literati Dominicus a few weeks ago and updates their blog with reviews and reading lists. I'll piggy back off of some of their reading...starting with the Icarus Girl whenever I get her copy in the mail.

Buck- I know you illustrate books, but had no idea you were writing one too. Can't wait to read it! I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much as I do your blog.

can't wait to read this one, glad you're diversifying (so check out she's come undone by wally lamb if you haven't already), and great review chica...

I read 'Memoires of A Geisha' about 2 years ago and was so enthralled by it on so many levels. I felt that I became a part of the story. I was caught up in the scenary and imagery ... beautiful.

I actually got the book on loan from a friend and after I finished reading it I didn't want to give it back - grin!

Not sure if I want to see the movie though ... I usually don't watch the movies to books I so deeply enjoy because I don't want them to spoil my buzz. I just might with this though ... it's a battle to decide :)

I need to check into some of ur recommends ... ur taste is right there with mine

Just finish reading the book and I enjoyed it very much. And yes Quel I feel the same way as you. When I wasn't reading the book I was thinking about it all the time. I can't wait to see the movie.

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