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November 2005


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I have to disagree Quel..the book and storyline were excellent, but the movie would have been a lot better without Wesley Snipes. I can't stand him!!!! I love Sannaa Lathan..and I would have loved the movie more with a different male costar.

i agree with schanina on wesley snipes. i thought the book was a lot better and it probably would've been a good mini-series. and i don't know if you remember this or not, but that was my second "can't put down" read. my freshman year @ cbu people teased me about walking to and from classes with my face buried in it-- they thought i was going to run into something. i just loved loved loved how she told this entire story in both characters' perspectives...

I love Dirty Dancing. I've put that movie on so many times that my husband can't stand the sight of it and it's now his least favorite movie. Disapearing Acts was a great movie and book, but Mama is my favorite Terri McMillian book. I really wish they'd turn it into a movie, but Terri's said that she won't ever let that happen because it's her favorite book as well.

I haven't looked at my fridge the same since.

To Schanina-Regarding Snipes not being the best choice for the movie...touché. However, I think a "prettier" male lead wouldn't have been as believable.

To Terri- I don't remember you reading this book, but you were always reading something...I do remember that. And the way she alternated narrators with each chapter was one of the things I liked most about the book.I can't believe I forgot to mention that in my review. Thanks for mentioning it.

To Afrochelle-Girl, I know there are a lot of "us" out there who love Dirty Dancing. It's such a cheesy film, but there's something about it..."Nobody puts baby in a corner." LOVE it!

To Stepchile-You nasty!

Read the book first so I was disappointed in the movie. Remember liking the book. Bought it and have been trying to reread it. I think I was in a different place when I first read it and now it is just too painful to try to read. Terri can get really gritty. Plus she uses way too much profanity in her writing. I know that is how she speaks as well but it can get to the point of overload. The first book I read by her was her first novel, Mama. I loved that book but haven't read it since I was a teen. I was into her work pre-Waiting to Exhale. Another movie I was disappointed in. I think I have outgrown her writing style. Sorry for writing the disertation on Terry McMillan in your comments section. Have to learn to keep it concise like Step ;-)

I loved Disappearing Acts, Mama, and Waiting to Excel circa 1990 something these were her first 3 and I loved em!

i really like the site so much

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