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May 2005


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RE 17: You live west of the Mississippi!

Miss Sally, you are correct! So, technically, I have been West of the Mississippi, but only to Texas, and only since I moved here 4 years ago...Oh! And my brother live in Little Rock, which very much falls into the "west of the Mississippi" category. Thanks for pointing that out. Looks like somebody needs to brush up on their geography...hmmm. -Quel

Point well taken, though Little Rock and Texas count, it's still not exactly "the West" that you've gotten to see.
You'd like some of the other West-o-the-Mississippi states. Colorado is beeeeyoooooteeeefullll. As is Arizona...And even West Texas is pretty darn gorgeous. California is very crowded, but there's nice mountains and the ocean is quite fetching.

I guess that means somebody needs to visit their Cuz out here in Arizona. The weather is warming up. It is suppose to be 100 by this weekend. Come join the HEAT with me!!!

Hey Cuz! You know AZ's been on my list of Summer trips for like the past 3 Summers. We nixed our cruise, and are trying to decide where to vacation this year...Billy ain't quite got his proper travelin' papers...so a trip out west is a possibility. I'll keep you posted.--Quel

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