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November 16, 2013


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It's wonderful to see Christmas through a child's eyes. Makes all Grinchiness go away!

Right? Christmas time is straight up magical to me now. lol

Thanks for sharing your Christmas past and present! It's a good reminder that not everyone can or wants to spend tons of money on gifts but free family activities like this tree-lighting are priceless.

Christmas was ALWAYS magical to me.

This helps me understand how you were able to enforce your Christmas decision with Zack last year (was it last year he didn't get Christmas?). You were ripping my heart out with that one!

@Shannon, exactly! Thank you.

@WoundedHealer- That's hilarious. I'm so glad it all comes together for you now. lol It ripped his heart out too, but the punishment certainly fit the crime. :)

I was a half scrooge with Elf stockings :)

One Christmas my mom told me (I was the oldest of 3 at t the time) that my brothers would be getting their way cool bikes on Christmas, but I'd have to wait til after Christmas. She knew I'd understand seeing that I'm 5/10 years older than both of them respectively. I still remember hoping she was just playing and trying to surprise me. I did get my bike sometime in January and even though I was disappointed I was happy at how much joy my younger brothers had. I still have that bike twenty something years later hanging in my garage :).

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