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All of my friends love, love, love Kinky-Curly! And everyone who asks me about the products I use eventually love Kinky-Curly instead of the other product lines I mention in addition to it.

Anyway, you're right - once you find your signature product it becomes a worthy "investment".

It's definitely worth it. I used the Knot Today before the Curly Pudding and I couldn't believe that I could comb through and detangle my hair in less than 10 minutes. I borrowed it from a friend. They should make more samples of their products...Miss Jessie, Kinky-Curly, etc. I never got to try Miss Jessie's products because they;re too expensive to buy-n-try.

I just happened upon your blog today. I love it. It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I'm a hybrid (composed of black and Japanese elements) living in Austin. I recently relapsed and applied relaxer in my hair to texturize my curls a bit after 4 years of being chemical-free. My hair has gotten really long, and it just became a chore to deal with the tangles and the frizz, so I broke down! Ugh! Oh well. It's done now. But my main point of this comment was to chime in about Kinky Curly. I'd been seeing it on Youtube videos and on blogs, and I was curious. A friend of mind told me Whole Foods carried it, and I couldn't get to Whole Foods fast enough! I was addicted to Kinky Curly, but my hair is about 5 inches past my shoulders, so it was REALLY getting costly. I'm sad to say that I stopped using it. Your post has revivied my urge to use it again. I never realized how good it smelled! I have to check it out again!

Hazuki! GOod to hear form you! I'm glad my post revived your interest in Kinky Kurly. Your comment revived my interest in Kinky Kurly too. lol My hair has been in braids for months and now I'm back with my natural. Need to re-invest in some detangler.

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