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October 2009


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That was creepy!!! And you handled it very well. I might have caused a scene without even raising my voice. He deserves no sympathy. Poverty is not an excuse for being creepy.

Maybe I would have taken it a bit more seriously if it weren't nearly midnight but that story was HILARIOUS! Not funny that it actually happened but funny that it obviously could happen.

That WAS creepy! but you are beautiful and some men can't resist that;) I get randomly tried like that alllllll the time. Sometimes I chck for a sign on my back that could read, "Over here, try my nerves today!" hahaha

Wow. That is creepy. I have had the same thing to happen to me, by a white woman (not a stranger) She had never touched kinky hair. I looked at it as an educational moment, but much different from your story.

@ A Shorter Mama- Wait a minute, let me finish blushing....okay. That's actually not a bad idea for a t-shirt! Or something like, "I wish you would." lol

Speaking of...

@Adriane- You actually have those statements oozing from you in general. Not that you're not all bubbly and nice in real life, but I think people just know not to mess with you. lol

@Mr. Man- Trust me, I have had my share of "educational moments" with friends and co-workers, which I'm usually okay with. But I could do without the Mr. Creepy Guy.

this is too funny, it makes me feel less bad about my Atlanta Kroger experience this weekend.

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