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October 2009


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Final Call huh? Not nearly as propagandistic or hateful as I would have expected. My bigotry stands in check.

And go figure...I agree!

The other articles listed in the right margin look a little scary though.

Back to the article...the value of education in a democratic society is immeasurable. If it were without value, it would be easily accessible to everyone. As someone who has experienced a good degree of resentment in my short lifetime from some of the most privileged people in the U.S. who learn that my education is equivalent to (often better than) theirs, I must agree with the writer that Lil' Wayne (and all the misogynistic and violent representations of blackness) are perfectly safe. The real threat is that some of us are more than qualified to run the place.

Yeah, I don't read Final Call, I just ran across the article and was compelled to share it. Thanks for your comment. I totally agree.

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