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September 2009


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This is exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I'm in the process of making a big decision, and what I have just begun to realize is the I do too much work trying to plan and predict and not enough recognizing when I'm genuinely happy and letting myself be in the space at that time. Or better yet, I could actually try to maintain that feeling instead of leaping to the next "opportunity". I'm going to try sitting still and breathing in the contentment that I'm feeling these days instead of inviting the drama that often comes with "opportunity". Not every opportunity needs to be taken advantage of. They've come along pretty regularly. They'll come again.

Cute insight. My first child, my son is only 3 weeks old today and I share your feelings. I get excited and giddy when I think about all the different stuff I get to teach him. I love it.

@ Adriane, I'm so glad this resonated with you.
@ Philippa, congratulations! Enjoy the journey. :)

Children do make you appreciate the little things. My youngest son is two. Teaching him new words thrills me. My oldest son is eight. Helping him with his homework makes me realize all the stuff I've forgotten.

wow - u make motherhood sound beautiful; my uterus hurts...but i guess i'll get a puppy and still say "there's your bowl!"

Quel, you are a great mom. You made me remember how I enjoyed al three of you. I wanted to take care of you all and do the things I did. Quel, you are doing so much more. Keep up the good work.

@ Kia- Oh man, I forgot about homework days. I'll enjoy these next few years off.

@ Wounded Healer- Puppy's are awesome baby stand-ins! And in spite of what many people say, they're still your babies when the real one comes along.

@ Mom- Thank You Momma! :)

Loved this!

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