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April 2009


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capricorn and virgo must suffer the same problem. i'm also all plan and little to no execution. *hanging head in shame*

Sounds good quel. Maybe just as you're settling down in the evening--those few seconds before you pass out--you might start a new list: Things I have accomplished today. I'm sure that would be VERY LONG and could serve as your daily pat on the back.

And browngirl, you cannot blame the capricorn for lack of execution. You've got to look someplace else girl. Capricorns are consummate doers.

Being a SATM is tiring work in itself. Might I suggest supplements. A daily multivitamin or some Omega 3's. That walking after Zack's story time sounds good too. Your mental health IS sooooo very important. Take care of you Quel.

I, on the other hand, like to get a whole lotta isht going at once, and work it out as it while in process. I wondered today what was wrong with me. More planning would probably be very helpful, but I get so impatient. *le sigh* i'm sure i drove my virgo ex kuh-razy.

whoooo, let's try that again... slowly this time:

"and work it out while it's in process."

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