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Yay!! I'm glad you met a fellow blogger.
I thought of you when I saw that "The Namesake' by Jhumpi Lahiri was about to hit theaters. I believe it was one of your book picks? I'm soooooo excited to see this movie. I'm reading the book now.

What fun meeting a blogfriend- glad you are having fun. The film festival looks interesting hopefully I'll get to check it out someday. And thanks for the tip on the free wireless spots- my brother lives in Austin and will be very very appreciative.

I am indeed excited that you two met. She must really like you, she got her hair pressed! :)

I'm so happy tuckergurl has a female friend that she can look in the eye!

@Mwabi- Yeah, The Namesake is next on my list. I'll prob'ly start it next week. I'm looking forward to the movie too. Fun! I love reading a novel then watching the film. It's cool to see how similar/different the versions are.

@Yolanda-You're new! Thanks for visiting! This is my first year going to SXSW. This is the only film I'm viewing, but I have plans to go see a few bands during the music festival next weekend. And I'm glad your bro will like to link. Austin has 274 hotspots, which is INSANE for one city. Austin is awesome.

@L. Britt- You're so funny. I must say it was really cool to see that she was as tall as me. Every one of my best friends is 5'8 and below. It was great speaking with a female eye to eye.

I'm 5 2 so I would be a little person around ya'll!! LOL!!!

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