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March 2007


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The transitioning style is too cute!

Lovely hair! We'll have to go to lunch one of these days so I can see it in person...

Thought you'd be interested in this article: http://nymag.com/fashion/07/spring/28151/index.html

you are almost inspiring me, almost. But I remember the struggle, nay, the fight. Think Angela Davis, in tears.

It's pretty. I got so frustrated with my hair when I was going natural that I wore braids the whole time. I think that I would have given up and relaxed it again if I hadn't.

U Grow Girl!

Hi, I saw a comment you'd made on Tia Williams' blog about your natural hair. You said that a good way to make relaxed hair look natural is to corn row the hair but put rollers on the ends. Thanks for the tip, I'd rocked this look a few years ago, but I was over it, because I'd braid the ends and they looked too thin compared to the larger waves on top.

I'm also considered growing out my relaxer so I'm definitely happy about this tip.

Don't forget the importance of a good roller set, which creates bouncy, shiny curls. all over. As a naturally curly girl, I just want to welcome you back to the club!

And "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim" is one of my favorites by D. Sedaris.

@ Mwabi-Thanks!

@ Sally- I feel like we're always overdue for lunch. Thanks for the article. SO I guess it's not a myth--models really don't eat.

@ GC- I'm trying to block out memories of my past stuggles. I'm just never as comfortable fighting my natural look. Straight hair on me always looks a little bit wrong...cute at times, but it takes so much more work.

@ Afrochelle- When I first went natural I cut my hair and wore braids for a long timte too. And trust me, as long as my hair is straight, I'm tempted...just tempted...from time to time to relax it too.

@ Hilari-I'm growing. And good luck revamping your etsy shop.

@Holland-Thanks for letting me know you saw it. Two people had asked about how to get that look without using heat and I felt free to share my technique. I don't think Tia appreciates anyone else giving beauty advice on her blog but her 'cause my comment and those of the two people who asked were removed...which is fine. I just didn't know. Now I do.

@ Tabitha-Thanks! And I'm really enjoying David Sedaris' writing. I do plan to read everything he's done.

Dope.. are you going to lock it??

@ HumanityCritic- First of all, just let me say thatI am honored you have graced my blog with your words.

To answer your question, locks were always tempting to me, but I do like to fro things out from time to time, so I don't see locking in my future...in my near future anyway.

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