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July 2006


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Sounds so nice to have so many folks for the holiday! I don't think I could ever get that many people down to Austin at one time!
PS- how are the hardwoods working out with the dogs?

Yep, it was nice. Only my mom and aunt came in from out of town. The rest of the folks were Austinites.

So far, so good with the dogs & wood floors. It's cabin-grade wood. Since they're big, heavy dogs with big paws and dull claws,Okie & Stella are treating the floors just fine.

and once again, i'm so jealous. but hopefully we'll be there in time for the '07 festivities, holla...

Aaawww... looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

we had a great time, too!! and i am still amazed at what nature can do. i was so focused on making sure my offspring was comfortable with the dogs, i forgot all of my own fears. much to quel's delight!

Summer's scared of dogs? Lawd these similarities are scary. I'm over her laughing cause my soon to be 5 yr old was behind me as I was looking at your pictures and he just knew he knew you....he's like Mama and there's Auntie so and so and Uncle so and so and the dogs at your friends house. It was too funny. Black people, I tell ya, we're all family :)

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