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June 2006


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hmmph. "A WORLD of difference..." huh? Ouch. Well, I know this is your homesick vent post, but my feelings were a little hurt. No, for real. No. Like really. But I can understand.

My family is not nearly as close as yours, so for me you are truly like family, sometimes even closer. However, there are only a few hugs and definitely no kissing between you and me, so that in itself is a difference in being a sister-friend. LOL

Anyways, I sympathize/empathize with your situation of having no blood relatives nearby. Perhaps you need to see your family a little more. If not everybody at once, at least a cousin here or there. Sounds like it would do you good.

Okay, I have to go now to tend to my wounds.

Summer! Man! If your feelings were hurt by that, I wonder what Billy must think.

"world of difference" is not a bad thing. Just very different. I know you understand though.

This comment has been deleted. You on thin ice brutha.

Edmund were you drunk when you commented to this post?

I had to delete your comment for so many reasons.

Ima let that one go, but you're this close to getting blocked. For real.

It'a ll love right now, but you're trippin'.

Hey- I totally understand how you feel...going home for me (once a year) always leaves me with very mixed emotions- I love being there but I spend the last day there in a depression almost, counting the hours down. I know I don't want to live there, but having most of my friends there and much of my family- it's hard when those people know you so well...

Ok, where IS home, sugar? Austin must be full of transplants...is it a nice place to live?

Quel we miss you too!! I'm over Margie's house right now using her computer. I hope I get to come to Texas soon...

I've got the homesick problem, too. Every time we go to Oklahoma or a little bit of Oklahoma comes down here, the inevitable, "should we move to Norman?" conversation happens. Especially now that we've got Iris. I so want her to grow up surrounded by grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. But it seems unfair to insist that we move to be near my family when I would never, in a million years, choose to live in the same place as Chad's family.

@Jennifer- Yeah. My aunt had to practically block me from looking at the clock before we left. We met at her house for breakfast ans were planning to leave around lunch and the closer it got to time, I felt the blue mood coming.

@Berry- Memphis, Baby.

@Paula-Great. I wanna come over Margie house!

@Sally! LOL! :) No love for the in-laws?

I feel the same way about my kids growing up like I did surrounded by so much family. I don't think I'd ever move back to Memphis. When kids come, we'll just have to do mucho de traveloro.

Damn, as always you are right Ms. Dennie. Apologies for the comments. I was actually quite tipsy and thought it was funny. No harm intended. I will now keep my comments on the up and up. Cos I know you don't play! So ease up on the blog-blocking button. Once again, I am sorry for the silly comments.

Let me make a correction thats "Mrs. Dennie". Sorry about the typo. I know I am on thin ice. later.

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