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haha! very clever post title! and so true. you know i always have to reference the five minutes when i had big boobs - E's, thank you very much - during my baby-nursing days. and no, running with those things is NOT an option. i no longer have such worries. *sigh*

best wishes on your fitness plans!

I've lost about 20 pounds, and I am so happy for losing my boobs! I haven't had any new measurements, but I can look down and see my feel again, so that's a plus! Boobs aren't all that, I'll be glad when I lose more weight and they minimize more...

Ok... I don't have the breast problem, but I am on a quest to be fit also. I just joined a gym. Hummm... it was actually about a month ago. Time flies!

Hey have fun. I feel you on the zero piece. I want to at take my last stab at a 2 piece this summer...I dunno.

Good luck girl and you know you have to go swimming on vacay. Those beautiful white sand beaches will be calling your name.

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