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May 2006


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no way! awesome.

I know, right?

It's nothing crazy. It totally fits me. It's a West African symbol--Sankofa. It symbolizes the importance of learning from your past and not repeating the same mistakes. I'm on a journey.:)

FIERCE...You go girl!

I just learned something. Looked up Sankofa on Google. Thanks.
Happy Tattoo to you.

A tattoo? Who, What, When, Where, How and Why?

Aaawww... It's cute and simple.

I want to get one this summer. How painful was it to get there?

First time here... Nice tattoo and what a great location! :)

I like it!
I forgot to ask- what shop did you go to, was it in Austin?

Thanks, y'all!

@Tuckergurl-It was only a nagging pain while he did it. Right when I felt like I wanted to say "ouch", it was over. It took less than 10 minutes to do. It burned for like 5 minutes after is was over and then it felt like nothing ever happened.

@Soulfull-Thanks for stopping by. :)

@Jennifer- I got it in Dallas at this place called Obscurities.

ha ha ha ha. Raquel is HARDCORE!!!!!!! Next you and Billy will be riding Harleys down teh streets of Austin!!! i was thinking of getting one too but not sure yet! Did it take long, was it expensive, what inspried you to do it that day? Just a couple of questions. Holla back!!!

They are addictive but I've resisted the urge of getting another one by just remembering all the pain I went through for my first.

Congrats! Rock On :-)

It's so cool! My first thought was oh hells yeah that had to hurt especially right there. Do you have a high tolerance to pain?

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