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February 2006


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It was great to see ya'll last night, though, I probably wasn't so talkative. But that's just me. I put a photo up, and I can email a larger one, too, if you'd like!

--"Today is the day for Stella and Okie to get their asses washed too."
is it just me, or did that come out of nowhere?

glad you had a great time at the dance. that's very sweet and special that you and billy do those types of things.

I heard the dog whisperer on NPR a few weeks ago- it was so interesting to hear his view on training dogs- now I need to check out his blog to see if I can get mine to stop digging holes everywhere!

@Buck-Great seeing you guys too. No need to email the pic to me...I bootlegged it off your blog.

@Summer- That's our term for bath time for the dogs around here. When it's time we announce, "It's time to get your asses washed!" and they get all excited. Next time I'll preface...

@Jennifer- Have you seen is show? He's like a miracle worker. That shushing sound he makes really works to get dogs' attention when you're trying to correct them.

Good luck with stopping the digging!

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