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October 2005


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I totally feel you about not liking the working out. My treadmill probably has about an inch of dust on it. I've been promising myself since before summer hit, that I was going to lose some weight. Unlike you, I don't have height to balance out my weight. So, I definitely can't put too much weight on.

Yeah, I too have some of the cute must haves for fall, that I just can't wait to wear.

Don't know if this helps, and my tips are pretty standard, but I'll put in my two bits just for the heck of it! Lately I've been trying to avoid equating how much exercise I'm getting with what my waistline is up to. I try to view workout time as "me" time--time to think about what's going on in my life, what's coming up, stuff I've been reading about, etc. Time spent on the treadmill (or the elliptical, or running around my neighborhood, etc.) is essentially time when my brain's not really having to spend much effort on the activity at hand, so it's a great time for me to wax meditative. And since I don't grant myself much other time to spend with my thoughts, I find myself really looking forward to the working out. Also, I like to set (small) goals to work towards, and that tends to make working out more fun. And, finally, a good mix in le CD player or le MP3 player is always key to having a good time with the exercising! Good luck with the treadmill, and lemme know if you'd like to take a turn around Town Lake sometime...

i need to get back to the gym. i found myself winded walking up the subway stairs today and thats never happened. but its like almost a year since i've seriously worked out

:::raising her hand::: hate to workout too!

Aw, I love working out! My daughter says Im obsessed. But I do hate running. I still run, its the after-the-run that I love.

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