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October 2005


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I don't remember DC having all these cool places that people keep blogging about when I lived there. Glad you've enjoyed your extended birthday. Its nice to get away so you come back and blog about it :)

Quel, my mother would take one look at your post and announce that you've got the "goin-itis".

Sounds like your visits were short and especially sweet. Glad your 28th is off to a fun start. "And it don't stop" indeed! For the Grown & Sexy? Already!

Awww what a happy birthday month :) heheheh

Sounds like you had a BALL!

I'm going to steal Bobby's birthday candle idea next year. Thats a good one. I'm so not romantic. I took my wife shopping and said, here pick something, anything out.

Just wait to your hit 30, wife and kids.

Then talk to me about 28.

D.C. is a wonderful place. I just moved away from there last year after calling it home for over 6 years (school & work). Thier is so much to keep your mind occupied if you're involved with keeping a progressive life style.

how about, i don't know how i feel about you having such a cute life chica...

Quel, I am glad you finally let us know how you enjoyed yourself, trips and friends during that time. It is so much fun looking at your stuff, I also visited Summer's and saw Blen's wedding pictures. They were beautiful.

Glad you enjoyed your stay in the D.C area. Isn't it the greatest area. lol! I just spent the last 5 minutes defending the area and come over to your blog and am glad to see that you had such a great time there.

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